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Look how bad I used to suck

My old, mostly embarrassing fics
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Sires and Childer

Sires And Childer (written back in 2002)


Summary: Spike and Xander finaly get together, only to have a demon almost tear them apart. Angel comes to visit.

Rating: NC-17

Author Notes: Note: This story was a first for me. It was the first time I used no original characters but Cedria. It was also the first few detailed sex scenes I’ve written, with a slight amount of help from my mom

Note 2: Spike only likes Buffy as a friend and Angel is his sire

Story Notes: Mid-season 5 BtVS

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Death, Birth, and Reawakenings

Death, Birth and Reawakenings

(Note: Where do I even begin? I originally wrote this back between 2002 and 2003. It is bad, horribly bad. Mary Sue fic, semi self insert fic. I am almost ashamed to say I wrote this, lol. But hey, everyone starts somwhere, dont they?

Summary: In a reality where Xander and Willow are demon’s in human form, odd things happen. A 2300 year old demon being raised in human form by vampires and the loss Spike felt at her death

Rating: R to NC-17


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